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First Responder's Clinic

You’re the first to be there for others. Let us be there for you.

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What is the First Responder's Clinic?

Whether or not you are new to the field or well into your career, our clinic is designed to meet your mental health needs. Given the challenges of being a first responder, we know that your job is going to affect your mental health. For this reason, we have built a compassionate, evidence-based clinic to help with your overall wellness regardless if you are a firefighter, paramedic, police officer, dispatcher, correctional officer, or other staff member within a public safety organization.


Research has shown that early intervention and prevention strategies can help offset the accumulating impact of trauma and other occupational stress injuries. Within our First Responders’ Clinic, we offer baseline assessments of mental health, as well as diagnostic assessments for psychological conditions such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and substance misuse. Using the mental health continuum created as part of the Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR) program, we can help to design an individualized treatment plan to meet your specific and unique wellness needs and goals.


Our services within the clinic include 1-1 in-person or virtual sessions, as well as group therapy options. It is important to note that our clinic isn’t simply therapy; it is a fully customized approach by licensed therapists who specialize in the mental health of first responders.

Why did we create the First Responder’s Clinic?

First responders regularly face operational and organizational stressors at work that put them at higher risk for mental disorders compared to individuals who work in other careers. The latest Canadian research has shown that 44.5% of first responders report symptoms that are consistent with at least one mental disorder (see Carleton et al., 2018).


Specific to trauma, people may report one particularly difficult event, or the accumulation of events over time that eventually lead to mental health challenges. We know that many first responders take their wellness seriously but that sometimes, people may underestimate the impact their job has on their lives or turn to use unhealthy strategies to cope. We also know that personal stressors, such as marital discord or parenting issues, can exacerbate work difficulties and become overwhelming.


Recognizing this, we wanted to create a unique program to support the mental health of first responders and keep them healthy and safe throughout their careers. We do not want anyone to suffer alone or unnecessarily. We want to help.

Am I a candidate for the First Responder's Clinic?

  • Are you new to your career and want to be proactive in taking care of your mental health? Or perhaps you would like an assessment to measure your baseline of wellness before your career takes off?

  • Have you been on the job for a few years and notice that you are a bit different? Have others made comments that you have changed since starting your career?

Do you experience any of the following...

  • Difficulty sleeping?

  • Irritability?

  • Low patience?

  • Feeling blah or numb?

  • Find it difficult to ‘turn off your brain’?

  • Drink more than you’d like?

  • Have thoughts or images that are hard to push away?

  • Not wanting to be social?

  • Conflict with loved ones?

  • Find it hard to unwind?

    • Have you had an incident at work that is so bothersome you feel like you can’t go back?

    • Do you think you might have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or another occupational stress injury (OSI)?

If so, we are here for you.