Our Approach

The symbol of the spiral is prolific in ancient times, representing the path leading from your outer experience to your inner core. We believe this is representative of the therapeutic journey we will embark on together at Core.

We believe that everyone is on their own unique journey to self-discovery and happiness, and we aim to help every individual find and follow that path. We strongly believe that you are the expert in your own life, and our job is to help guide you to discovering what will bring you the peace you are seeking and deserve.

Our values follow the letters of our name:





We strive to be curious with you about your life and your current struggles, because with curiosity comes knowledge and understanding, two key ingredients to begin to make changes that will bring you closer to the life you want for yourself. Openness in session lends to transparent and honest communication between client and therapist, a quality that can build trust and rapport as we embark on your journey together. We promise to respect each client's therapeutic goals and privacy, and strive to work with you where you are at, whether you are at the point of learning about yourself, contemplating the changes you are willing to make, or are ready to take action. Finally, we are dedicated to providing a warm, safe environment, free from judgment, so that we may empathically work with you to understand your struggles and work toward change.